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Who are we?

More than just another brewery

We are an Independent Craft Brewery

Eden Brewery is built on the foundation of doing good and being a positive influence on the community – both the local community and world at large.

We are committed to donating 10% of our profits to Oxfam as a means of providing clean drinking water to those in need and we have chosen to use 100% green renewable energy in our brewery, being environmentally responsible in every way we can.

We’re about getting back to beer’s roots…

…reclaiming it as a means of community, serving those it was made for, being fresh, local and honest.

Eden Brewery is an uncomplicated and relaxed space where we encourage people to get back to basics, talk, share life and bond over a good beer.

We are the craftsmen of high-quality beer

With every decision we make while brewing we always put the beer quality first, no exceptions. We source the finest quality ingredients as close to the brewery as possible, and employ state of the art brewing techniques as well and old world traditions, to make the perfect pint.

Visit the brewery and try our beer for yourself!