Six8 Coffee Red Ale

ABV: 6.8%  |  IBU: 15

Red Ale

From the moment we were introduced to Six8 Coffee we knew a collaboration had to happen. We’re passionate about producing the best possible product and making a positive impact in the world while we do it! It’s just that much sweeter when we can work with other artisans that share those beliefs. We feel like the coffee stouts and porters have been overdone, so this specialty collaboration brew we decided to do a Red Ale and focus in on the more subtle but beautiful berry, peach and cherry aroma and flavours found in finer high altitude coffee. Six8 Coffee did an outstanding job coaxing out a breathtaking roast. If you like a little bit of Red Ale with your coffee, this beer will blow you away!

Best enjoyed… Scotch fingers or a ham and cheese breakfast sandwich.

Serve: Chilled in a pint glass

Availability: On tap in the brewery; Take away in a growler; In bottles